IBM on ‘Biggest challenge’ of the next decade: Big data acquisition system

By Brian Deese IBM has made big strides in developing the next generation of data acquisition systems, and it is looking ahead to a challenge that may be even more significant than the rise of smartphones and social networks.

According to IBM, it will need to take advantage of advances in computer vision, machine learning, and other technologies to capture and transform the data it collects, with the company saying it will “take advantage of all the tools available to us to deliver our customers.”

The company has a number of big-data initiatives under way to leverage its computing power, with Watson the most prominent.

“We have a lot of data that we need to work with, and we need that data to be very rich and very fast,” IBM VP of Research and Development Jeff Broom told attendees at a recent investor call.

IBM is also looking to make its AI efforts more agile.

It has developed a suite of AI tools that are designed to be run as part of the cloud or hosted on servers, allowing IBM to move data around faster and to be more agile in the way it manages and processes it.

The announcement also marks a shift in how IBM plans to use Watson, with IBM now making Watson the default search tool on its Watson Cloud Platform.

The company is also working on a new tool called “Intelligence” that will allow Watson to learn from the data and other sources and will be deployed as part a cloud service.

However, IBM’s most ambitious effort to date, the Watson Watson AI, is currently only available on some of the company’s data centers in China.

Although IBM has been moving quickly in developing AI, the company has not yet put its full weight behind the technology, and the cloud service has been criticized for lacking a certain level of automation.

IBM’s cloud services have been criticized before, and this announcement is likely to further anger customers who have been frustrated by the company not offering a complete suite of services.

On the software side, IBM has also started rolling out a new version of its AI tools, with more than a dozen software projects currently in development.

IBM said it would be releasing the first major release of the Watson AI tool on June 28.