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Malayalam startup Simple Development Systems (SDS) has raised Rs 100 crore in a round led by Flipkart-backed SoftBank.

The startup has raised $60.7 million in seed funding and has raised over $10 million in venture capital, SDS said in a statement.

The company is also looking to expand into other industries such as manufacturing, financial services and insurance.

“We are looking to focus on the healthcare space and will have a large-scale presence in healthcare,” SDS founder and CEO A. K. Nair said in the statement.

“We are already working on creating the first health platform for India.”

The $60 million funding comes after SoftBank, along with its two Indian subsidiaries, SoftBank Ventures and SoftBank R&D Ventures, had invested in the startup in September last year.

It was previously known as MobiPocket.

The new round is expected to close in the second quarter.

Nair, who was named chairman of the company in December 2016, said in his statement that he is committed to making India a leading global technology hub.

“SDS will be a leader in the healthcare industry and in the Indian startup ecosystem,” he said.

“The company will focus on bringing healthcare technology to India and will be focused on the manufacturing sector.”

According to the company’s website, the startup has built a healthcare system in India and is planning to open a manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India.

The service aims to simplify the process of getting healthcare data from various sources including the Indian government, health facilities, government health data and the private sector.

The app was launched on February 1, 2018.

SDS is targeting a revenue of Rs 10 crore a month from the platform, according to the startup’s website.

It has already developed and deployed a mobile app that is now available in India.

The company plans to expand its healthcare business into the US and Europe, with a focus on healthcare-specific products, Sds CEO Nair told Quartz.

Which Cryptocurrency is the best platform for beginners?

In this article, we’ll talk about which cryptocurrencies are the best to learn on, and how to use them effectively.

If you’re new to crypto, the basics of what you need to know is on this page.

If you’re already a seasoned crypto enthusiast, then the first thing you need is a decent understanding of the basics.

If your interested in crypto but are having trouble finding a good platform to learn, then a good resource is the excellent, yet popular, Crypto Coins Wiki.

Crypto Coins Wiki has an excellent tutorial and a list of the top cryptocurrencies available.

For beginners, there are several coins that offer tutorials and a community that is friendly to each other.

The coin that is the most popular is called Litecoin.

The Litecoin community is very welcoming, and people are actively participating in the development of the coin.

This community is also a great place to get to know the community and find out what the best features are.

Some other coins are more specialized, like Dash and Ethereum.

Dash is the cryptocurrency that was designed specifically for the crypto community, and is used by a lot of people in the crypto world.

It’s a very well-designed, secure, and transparent cryptocurrency.

It uses a Proof of Stake system that rewards people who earn the most, making it a more attractive choice for people wanting to get into the space.

It also has a great community, where people will work together to improve the coin and build a better cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency that is also widely used in the world of cryptocurrency.

This is the second most popular cryptocurrency among users in the United States, after Litecoin, and the second-most popular cryptocurrency in China.

Ethereum has a more focused vision for the future of cryptocurrency, which has been the focus of its development.

Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency to use Proof of Work, which means that it does not require the use of mining power to maintain its security.

Ether, however, is also an interesting coin.

It was originally designed to be a replacement for Bitcoin, but the adoption of Ethereum has made it a valuable cryptocurrency.

Ether has become the most used cryptocurrency in the bitcoin network due to its great ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency world is full of different cryptocurrencies, but most of them fall into the same general category of cryptocurrencies.

You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash as a starting point for learning about different coins, and these are the ones you should focus on.

You may be wondering what all these coins have in common, so we’ll start with some definitions to help you understand what a cryptocurrency is and how it works.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies.

They exist on a network and use a set of digital currencies to operate.

These digital currencies are created by people using computer programs, so the coins can be transferred from one person to another without the use the Internet.

Some of the currencies that are supported are Bitcoin, Lite, Ethereum and Dash.

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