Apple iPhone 6s review – the iPhone 6S review

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available in all markets, meaning that everyone can finally start to compare them in their own homes.

Read moreThe iPhone 6’s main selling point has always been its camera, but that hasn’t always been the case.

In fact, the camera has always had to be more advanced than that of its predecessors, with some notable exceptions.

In its latest iPhone upgrade, Apple has gone one step further by improving the quality of the camera’s sensors.

The result is the iPhone’s best camera in years, with improved image quality and a significantly better depth of field than before.

While the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera is a bit more advanced, its sensor is actually worse, with a slightly weaker and less accurate sensor.

The iPhone 7 also lacks some of the improvements found in the iPhone 8, which makes it harder to use in a selfie situation.

But the iPhone still does a pretty good job of capturing good shots.

If you’re looking to upgrade to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, the iPhone camera is still worth checking out.

Apple says that the iPhone cameras can capture up to 10,000 pixels per inch, and that they are the best in their class in general, with good performance even when using low-light conditions.

And that means you can get some pretty impressive shots even when you’re in a dark room, with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus camera that can capture a good depth offield.

The camera has been improved with iOS 11.1, too, and it’s a lot faster now, which means that the phone’s depth of fields are much more precise, and you can now get shots that aren’t quite as wide as you would normally be able to get with a standard iPhone.

The iPhone 8 also gets some upgrades too, including better image stabilization, and improved auto-focus.

Both cameras have also received improvements in terms of colour and contrast.

The overall camera experience of the iPhone is better, too.

But if you’re planning to buy an iPhone 8 Plus, Apple is now selling the phone in black and white.

The device comes with a 64-bit A10 Fusion chip, which is the same chip found in a number of iPhones.

That means that there’s a little more RAM than a standard phone, which can make things like the camera performance better, but also increase the size of the phone.

If the iPhone X is going to be released at the same time as the iPhone 9, then it’ll be the same camera as the one used in the original iPhone X. The difference will be that the camera on the iPhone 10 is a more powerful chip, and its sensors are much better.

The smartphone is also getting some improvements in its camera software, too; the iPhone 11’s camera software is already faster than its predecessor’s.

But even if you don’t need the best cameras in the world, the best camera quality still beats out the iPhone for most people.

And the iPhone has never really done anything to make its cameras more powerful than they already are, with the exception of the X and X+ smartphones, which feature some pretty amazing cameras.

But if you need a more advanced camera, then the iPhone may be a good choice.

The most powerful smartphone camera on Earth is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which comes with 4K video recording and a 12MP main camera, and has a whopping 13MP selfie shooter.

But those are both super-powerful cameras, and while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus are better than that, the main camera is not.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 will come with similar cameras, but the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will be better, with 16MP main cameras and a 25MP front camera.

Both the Note 7 (the S7) and the iPhone will also have an 8MP front-facing camera, while the Galaxy Note 8 will have a 9MP front.

If all of that sounds familiar, it should.

The same things that have made the iPhone so successful over the years are the reasons why it has never been a great smartphone camera, especially in selfies.

And while there are still some great cameras out there, the ones we have seen are usually not nearly as good as the best smartphone cameras that Apple can offer.

But Apple’s phones are still the best.