The biggest threat to Windows 10 and other big OSs is “cloud” hardware, says Dell analyst John Hegarty

Dell analyst Brian Hegeson says the threat from “cloud-native” systems like Microsoft’s Windows 10 is “massive”.

“There are literally thousands of companies who are going to invest millions of dollars in cloud-native systems,” Hegessen told Business Insider.

“What they’re going to do is create the cloud, and then they’re not going to be able to install or manage the systems themselves,” he said.

Hegeson said there are already “huge cloud vendors” in place.

While Hegennas forecasted a “huge increase in cloud adoption”, he cautioned that Microsoft and Google are the two companies that are most likely to be making big gains from the technology.

Dell, he said, has a “pretty good view” of the potential for “clouds to be a killer app for Windows”.

“Microsoft has the opportunity to be the most dominant cloud platform on the planet,” he added.

“The other guys, the big cloud players are going into a little bit of a daze.

I think the Microsoft team will make a pretty good case for why they’re probably going to win this war.”