‘It’s a great time to be a designer’ – RTE

A new article published on RTE’s site on Tuesday reveals the latest in the industry’s evolution on the design systems front. 

“It’s time to celebrate the dawn of a new era in design technology,” the article reads.

“The new design systems revolution has brought with it some truly fantastic innovations.”

The biggest challenge now is to keep pace with the evolution.

“There are no shortcuts in designing complex and responsive applications.

But the future of design is here, and we can all be part of it.”‘

I’m a developer now’The article’s title references a recent report by a think tank called the Open Design Alliance, which has been tracking the development of the next generation of design systems, specifically on the basis of a set of guidelines. 

The organisation’s executive director, John O’Sullivan, told RTE in a recent interview that “it’s about making the design industry more open, and making it a place where everybody is treated equally, and everyone can be a winner.”

“We need a set and an identity that makes us all feel confident that we are all on the same level playing field,” he added.

The ODA report found that the technology used to create a system, such as the XAML markup language or the HTML5 JavaScript engine, is not a viable solution for developers. 

Instead, it suggested that developers should create their own design systems to provide a more intuitive and flexible experience, but still remain in control of the underlying code. 

Its conclusions follow similar criticism that has been made in the past by a number of developers in the design space, including Michael Lippmann, who said that “in many cases, designers can no longer maintain a sense of purpose and purposeless design”.

“As designers, we are no longer allowed to think of ourselves as experts in this field,” said Lippman in his 2016 blog post.

“This is a fundamental change.

It will be a long road to bring this new approach to the world.”

The latest report by the ODA also highlights the growing importance of collaboration in the creation of complex and functional design solutions, with a greater reliance on software developers and other technical experts in a new digital world.

“It seems that our best technology today is a piece of software,” said the article’s author. 

“[The new] design systems approach makes us more collaborative, and a better user experience, too. 

In the next five years, we’ll see a lot more designers at the forefront of the technology revolution.

 We’ll be a lot less likely to get sucked into the hype and hype-cycle.” 

“I’m an expert now”The article continues, describing the new approach as a “first step in a long-term trend” towards greater “advocacy and advocacy”.

“I am a developer and an advocate, a champion for the new design technologies,” it concludes.

“My view is that this is the right time to make our mark in this space, and to ensure that the next generations of design technologies are more accessible to all.”

The OADA report also offers a new look at the technology being used by developers to create new design solutions. 

While the new technologies have a lot of potential, it’s unclear how the system’s creators will leverage the technology to provide developers with more freedom to create their apps, with an emphasis on the user experience.

“We are now seeing a new wave of new designers who are building apps for the web and mobile. 

But what we don’t see are the people who are working in the web design community,” said O’Connell.

“They’re not seeing the people doing the heavy lifting.

They’re just building the apps.”