How do you make a Paragon Development System?

Paragon Systems are the makers of Paragon, a development system for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

With the launch of Paragoons next-gen console, developers can now easily integrate Paragon into their projects, while also improving the development workflow. 

For example, if you’re developing a PS4 game with a PS3-compatible engine, you could now easily create a Paragoon version of the game for the console, which would run on that console. 

Paragon can also integrate into existing codebases, such as Unity or Unreal, so that you can make any Paragoone-compatible game without having to re-write the game engine. 

This new Paragoones capabilities are the latest in a long line of Paragons improvements, but it’s worth noting that the Paragon team also introduced the ability to share code between Paragon development tools. 

And that’s where Paragon can take the next step in making Paragoondes development workflow easier and more efficient. 

In addition to sharing code, the Paragoona project is also a full-featured development environment. 

When you start using Paragooons, you can now also create and modify your own custom content in the Paragaon editor. 

That means you can add custom sound effects and music to your game. 

You can also make any kind of custom assets, such a game map, a custom icon set, or even a custom weather system. 

Lastly, Paragoony can also be used to make custom user interfaces for your game, such an icon set for a game menu or user interface. 

The Paragooon team is also working on making Paragon the default development environment for Unreal 4. 

I’ve seen a few Paragoonal videos and they look awesome. 

So if you want to get started developing in Paragon now, you’re going to have to fork the repo. 

If you want the source code, you’ll need to fork this repo.

There’s a lot of great resources available for Paragon developers, so you can find them all here. 

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