Why did Disney do that?

In the early 1980s, when Disney bought Lucasfilm and began a development program that involved a number of different Disney studios, Disney’s goal was to develop a new IP, one that would be used in a new Star Wars movie, which would then be released in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The goal was for Star Wars to be the first franchise that Disney would release in a single year.

The company, however, also realized that it was in the midst of a major reboot.

And as the reboot was nearing completion, the company decided to stop developing Star Wars and instead focus on other IPs.

It became clear that the company didn’t have the money to develop Star Wars again.

So Disney, which had a sizable film and television division, decided to put together a group of executives that were not affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney Animation Studios or Pixar.

This group worked with Lucas to develop an IP that would continue to be developed after the franchise was finished.

The result of that effort was the IP that Disney released in 1988, titledStar Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

Star Wars was a very different movie than the one Disney had planned for Star Trek Into Darkness.

That film was a continuation of the Star Wars prequels, the prequel trilogy that had been written by Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas.

But, as it turned out, Star Wars was already very different from the prequel trilogy.

The prequeled Star Wars films were based on a set of original stories that had originally been created by George Lucas in the 1960s.

And although Lucas had used the original prequelled stories as inspiration for Star War, the characters and settings were completely new.

So Star Wars had a completely new feel.

The new Star War movie, on the other hand, was set in a universe that was completely different from that of the pre-queled films.

It was a universe where the First Order was a new force to be reckoned with.

The original Star Wars story had a very small amount of plot.

The First Order had just conquered a planet, the Empire, and the heroes were being held prisoner.

They had to figure out how to escape the prison and take over the planet in order to survive.

But the story of the First Watch, which was created by Gene Coon and David Boreanaz, was a story about a group who found themselves being held captive on a planet that was being invaded by a force that was totally different from what was going on on the planet.

It was a different story entirely, and it was a much darker story, and Star Wars is very much about that.

But I think that was a good thing because it allowed us to tell the story without being as dark as the preqels, which is what we wanted, but without the dark.

The Dark Side.

The Dark Side was the name of the evil force that the Firstwatch group was fighting, which they named the “dark side,” after Darth Vader.

And what that meant was that the Dark Side would be an enemy of all good.

The dark side was a force of darkness that could destroy the Force.

And it was very much a force to reckon with, so the Dark side was always going to be a threat to the Jedi Order, to the Order of the Phoenix.

So the Force would be the enemy of the Jedi.

It’s one of the major things that led to the decision to make the new Star Trek movies.

The original Star Trek films were all about the dark side, so Star Wars wasn’t really about the Jedi or the Sith.

It just was the Force fighting the Force and trying to take over.

And Star Wars has a very dark feel.

The first film was called The Empire Strikes Back, and that was kind of the first time that the Force was seen in Star Wars, and a lot of people found that really shocking.

And the other films were very dark, and they weren’t as light as the first film.

The Force was very dark.

So what they ended up doing was they basically did the same thing with the new movies.

And so what you see in the films, from the Force Awakens onward, is basically what we’re seeing in the preteens in a way.

There’s the Force being the enemy, there’s a dark side being the force.

It’s a lot more of a dark place.

It wasn’t a huge deal.

But when it was announced, people who have seen the first Star Wars movies found it kind of shocking.

The reaction to the first movie was very mixed.

Some people loved it.

Some hated it.

But there was also a large portion of the fanbase that found it a bit disappointing.

The response to the second Star Wars film was much different.

When the first one came out, the response was very positive.

There was a great fan response, which led to a number people going on to watch the sequel.

The response to Star Wars: The Force Awakens was much more negative, which