How the UK’s Government has been slow to respond to climate change

Posted June 07, 2020 09:17:53The government is not making good on its promise to introduce a new carbon price in 2020 and has not made the announcement for two years.

The Prime Minister has said the Government will introduce a carbon tax in 2020 but it has not yet announced its price.

The Climate Change Authority (CCC) has released its analysis of the Government’s carbon pricing plans.

It says the Government is still failing to implement its targets.

It’s the latest in a series of problems that have dogged the Government on climate change.

The CCC has previously warned of the risk of the UK becoming an island of climate denial, and the Climate Commission says the UK is lagging behind other major economies in addressing climate change issues.

The Government’s Carbon Pricing Policy has been the subject of a Parliamentary question, but it is yet to be put to a vote.