Jackson System Development Environment: Building an Enterprise System for Software Engineering and Data Science

New York, NY—April 15, 2019—Jackson System Design and Development Environment (SDE), a leading cloud-based software development environment, has released its first release of software and services in 2018.

The first release was the first time the SDE was open source and released under a free open-source license.

“We were very lucky to be able to use the SUSE Linux Enterprise Linux OpenStack project as our initial platform for our project,” says Jackson Systems Engineering Manager, Mike Smith.

“It allowed us to create our own cloud infrastructure and build a full-featured cloud platform, allowing us to deliver the same software and software development environments to a wide range of developers, teams, and customers.

Our team at Jackson, in collaboration with the SIE team, also used the SCE project as a template for our own project, which was released in the second quarter of 2019.

This enabled us to build an ecosystem that works seamlessly with other systems we support.”

The Jackson SDE platform is built on top of the latest Linux Enterprise Server (LES) and is supported by two full-stack Linux servers running on VMware and Oracle virtual machines.

A complete set of tools and libraries, including a set of utilities, is available as open source software under the GPLv3 license.

The SDE also includes a collection of software development tools, including the Java IDE and a development environment for development of Java applications.

The team is also working to bring its own development tools to the platform, including JUnit and JSLint, to make them more robust and easily extensible.

“The Jackson team has been working hard to create a powerful and extensible cloud development environment that enables us to do everything we do today, from creating our own software and cloud services, to scaling up and running on our infrastructure and managing our entire development lifecycle,” says Rob Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Jacksons company.

“Our open source infrastructure is built for developers to be self-sufficient in the cloud environment.

This gives them the ability to create their own applications, infrastructure, and services to deliver their business and software to a wider audience.

This also gives us the ability and opportunity to deliver great value for our customers.”

For more information on the Jacksson SCE platform, visit www.jackson.com.

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