NFL Network reporter, analyst, producer hired for system development positions

NFL Network and announced today that Brian Costello has been hired as a system development analyst, according to a statement from the networks.

Costello’s duties will include reporting on game development and system development, as well as covering the NFL Network’s NFL Network coverage, NFL Network Insider and NFL Network/NFL Network Insider Live.

Costellos background includes being a production engineer at NBC Sports, and working as a producer on NBC Sports’ NFL Network for over a decade.

He previously spent a decade working on network television programming, including the first three seasons of NFL Network.

He was the production engineer for the first season of NBC Sports Network’s NBCSN in 2007 and has worked on all of the network’s NFL games and specials.

Costillos previous projects included work on the ESPN Films network and NBC Sports Live Extra series.

Costello is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in communications in 2013.

He currently lives in New York City.