Coastal Systems Developing Android System Development Platforms

Coming out of the desert in Southern California, Coastal Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been developing the Android platform for its products for nearly two decades.CSI’s new platform, called the Android System Developer, aims to help companies develop apps that run on Android devices.

The platform, which was designed by the company’s head of engineering, Peter Hensley, uses open source components and is based on a platform called Unity that powers the popular Unreal Engine 4 game engine.

The platform will be released in three versions: the open source SDK, a pre-release version, and a developer edition.

The developer edition is the only one available today and will be available for purchase on Google Play and Amazon.

The SDK is the cheapest option and is priced at $99.99.

The open source version will be a free download and the developer edition will cost $199.99 or $249.99 depending on the platform.

CSI says that developers will be able to use the platform for development and testing without needing to purchase the open-source SDK.

The SDK is currently available for download on Google’s Play Store and Amazon’s Play store.

There’s no word yet on when the open version will arrive on Amazon.

It’s unclear if the developer version will require an Amazon Prime membership.CSi also has an existing Android app called Coastal for iOS and Android devices that can be downloaded for free.

The company says it is focused on developing its own platform and that its goal is to “provide a seamless development experience for developers by leveraging the latest technologies and open-sourcing all of the source code so that they can build their apps on our platform without needing a subscription or any other investment.”CSI says its Android development platform is based in California, which is the second largest city in the country after San Francisco.

It currently employs over 300 people and has offices in San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.