Stout Systems Development Issues with ‘Ace’

By: Joe DeLucaSource: Stout Systems | Posted: October 26, 2018 | 11:13:04A couple of weeks ago, Stout Systems released a major update to their “Ace” platform, adding the ability to build and deploy systems for enterprise applications.

The change was met with considerable controversy, particularly from the small number of customers who had previously had their systems built using the older version of the platform.

It seems that Stout Systems decided to remove the “A” from the name, but instead put the word “systems” into the tag.

Some customers complained that the word system was confusing, as it was not consistent with the previous Stout systems, which were built using only the new “A”.

The company clarified that the change was a mistake.

“As a result of the naming issue, Stout systems customers may have encountered some confusion regarding their current version of Stout, as they may have incorrectly read the ‘A’ to mean ‘systems’ and not ‘system”, Stout Systems explained.

Stout Systems did not mention that this name change was actually made to accommodate existing customers, but that was not the intention.

Instead, the company decided to change the tag to “system-development” instead of “system”.

“Ace was never intended to be a full-fledged system development platform, and the term ‘Achilles heel’ was not intended to describe a feature,” the company said in a statement to Digital Trends.

We will be making further changes to the brand to clarify this issue in a forthcoming blog post, but we will continue to support our customers by adding ‘A-systems-development’ as a new tag, Stout said.

There are still some customers who have not received the new system, and Stout Systems is encouraging them to contact the company.

In the meantime, the platform remains on hold, as customers continue to receive “Achille heels” from customers who did not receive the new release.