Microsoft says it will use the Xbox platform for next-gen development system for Xbox 360

By Brian T. Brown/Microsoft”The Xbox is the platform for all our games,” Microsoft chief executive Phil Spencer told investors in a conference call Tuesday.

“That’s why we are making sure that we are supporting Xbox 360 developers.”

The company also announced a partnership with the Electronic Arts to offer next-generation software development kits for Xbox, including the new Halo game, which is currently only available on PC.

“We’ve been a strong advocate of Xbox 360,” Spencer said.

“We have been the only company in the world to support Xbox 360 development for at least 10 years.

We are proud to partner with EA and the game development community to bring next-Gen games to Xbox 360.”

The announcement comes as Microsoft continues to grow its Xbox business, launching a new game console this year and launching its first-ever game streaming service this summer.