FourFour2: A new breed of aircraft – with infrared systems

A new class of aircraft is being developed that can track and detect infrared signals from aircraft, according to fourFourTwo, a global aviation publication.

The project, called the Advanced Infrared Aircraft (AIA), will be used to help develop future aircraft.

The AIA will be able to fly above and below the ground, according the fourFour2 article.

The technology developed will be an integral part of future military aircraft, and the development of advanced radar systems that can detect infrared radiation is a key part of this, said the fourfour2 article, which is published in April 2017.

The AIA, which uses a combination of radar technology and a new infrared sensor, can be launched from a carrier aircraft.

It is capable of carrying up to three passengers, according fourFour, which was founded in 2005.

The US Navy is currently developing a new stealth fighter, the F-35, which will use the new radar-evading technology.

The article also said that the Navy plans to have a working prototype of the AIA in place by the end of 2020.

The fourFourMoves article said the AIF system is designed to be a high performance radar-tracking system.

It will use sensors to track the direction of incoming infrared signals, according a fourFour article.

An aircraft that uses the AICAM sensor is called a “stealth fighter,” and can track the incoming infrared waves.

The Air Force has also developed a stealth fighter using a “dynamically tracked” system.

The two systems will be developed in tandem to help the Air Force detect incoming threats.

The Air Force is developing a stealthy jet that uses radar to locate and track incoming threats, and it is scheduled to have its first flight in 2021, according Air Force News.

The F-22 Raptor, the USAF’s next-generation fighter jet, will also use a radar system called the Air-Defense Identification System.