S.C. high school students who were sexually assaulted may not be able to register to vote


Cs. high schools in a few Southern states are set to allow students to register for early voting without the consent of parents or guardians, and some are now considering requiring students to be fingerprinted before registering to vote.

The Associated Press first reported Thursday that schools in Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama have been testing new policies that would require students to have parental consent for early vote registration.

If that is not possible, schools may have to turn away students who do not have parental permission to vote, according to a news release.

The state’s Board of Education has been discussing the issue with schools since January, according a school spokesman.

He said the Board will vote on the proposal at its March 10 meeting, but that no decisions have been made yet.

“We have not finalized anything at this point, but we are looking at the proposal,” school spokesman Dan Davis told The Associated Press.

“Our primary concern is the welfare of our students,” Davis said.

“If the students are not enrolled, there are other issues to worry about.”

School officials have been pushing the state to require students and their parents to register, and a new policy would also allow parents to revoke a student’s parental consent.

The policy would apply to high schoolers and all students age 18 and older.

S.C.’s policy will take effect next week, the Associated Press reported.

If approved, it would be the first time South Carolina has passed a statewide registration requirement, according the AP.

A number of other Southern states have moved in recent months to make it easier for students to vote and to provide them with forms of identification that they will need to cast a ballot.

In Alabama, where more than 50,000 students are registered to vote by the end of March, Gov.

Robert Bentley has proposed requiring students who wish to vote to have a government-issued photo ID.

The state has seen a surge in voter registration since the 2016 election, when Donald Trump won the state.