B.C. needs $500 million to build a $2.3 billion system developer system

The province is calling on its government to spend $500,000 to complete the development of the provincial government’s new user agreement system developer.

The system developer is an independent contractor who is responsible for building the provincial user agreement (PIA) system and administering it to its stakeholders.

A total of $1.8 billion will be spent on the system developer program over five years, the announcement said.

The government is also providing $300,000 toward the purchase of a third-party auditor to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the PIA system and the impact it could have on public services.

The PIA was developed to make it easier for the government to deliver better services to the public.

“With the development and implementation of the PAA, the province is providing an unprecedented opportunity to deliver on its commitment to deliver quality public services to its citizens,” said Premier Christy Clark.

The announcement also noted that the government will provide a $50,000 grant to the PPA and the PAP, two provincial bodies, to support their work on the PIE.

The provincial government is seeking a $1 billion PIA funding package to complete its implementation by June 2020.

The full PIA developer program is expected to cost the province $2 billion.